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(no subject)  
12:17pm 11/04/2011
Thanks for the Heavens we had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday we went for Szentivánéji álom in Operettszínház...and wow...It IS good :D My first show.awww.:D I just died from Pirgel and Kiskero ....still recovering from their dancing and singing :D
Yesterday we decided to take a look on Szabó Dávid....I mean Musicalmesék :D Then went to Musical Plusz which was great I just sooooooooooooo loved Balogh Anna, Pirgel Dávid, Kádár Jani and Szemenyei Jani. They were brilliant. /unfortunately my lovely device decided the covers were too loud, so I only got a bunch of annoying noise :(:(:( /
Anyway, we decided on taking a look on Opi, and wether they had some tickets left for Szenti. Then we said why not? Aaaaaand finally I saw it with Füredi Niki, Dolhai Attila, and Vágó Detti :D
The only domnlow was not being able to go to Gyuri's "show"....:(
location: Budapest
mood: bouncy
music: Szentivánéji: Mesteremberek dala
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sleep deprivation  
06:33am 17/11/2010
I just spent my whole night writing my hand ins, I had one hour of sleep, and I have to get to school in 2 an half hours......I sleep into my coffee occasionally....:S
mood: sleepy
tags: sleep
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just saying that im still alive....  
11:03am 28/07/2010
is currently staying in Richmond, London,just arrived yesterday, and loves every second of it.......
location: london
mood: bouncy
tags: london
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musical plusz 24  
09:20pm 18/04/2010
Okay, just a short notice of being alive.
Went to musical plusz this afternoon.
My first time ever. The show was great, however as I really wanted to see Kamarás Máté I was a bit disappointed as he is still somewhere in Hambourg because of the volcano thing and air-lock.
However as the main point for this little trip of course was Mihálka Gyuri, I was not THAT sad.
Gyuri of course was lovely as always. He sang a Queen mix for Kléger Andi, the Ordinary man from Rudolf, The Kiss from the Pókasszony and the You raise me up from Westlife. the latter was interesting as I don't know what was the connection between that ans musicals, but since Declan Galbraith and Josh Gorban singing it I love that song.
I hope someone will put some pictures or videos online very soon, until then I have to manage with my own recordings which are not the very best.

When I'Ll have a bit more time I'll put up a bit longer review on the show.
On other note I met the Finnish girls residing in Pest currently, visitors from Vienna, and met some from the city.

All in all, had a nice weekend and seen a lovelly show, and now I'm having some fun watching Bones at the reception with Sanyi bácsi and tiring him out with my ramble about Gyuri. :P

That's all for now, I'll try to write some more during the week because I have a lot to tell about.
mood: bouncy
music: Bones somewhere around
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Writer's Block: So far so good  
06:10pm 19/03/2010
What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

so writers' block...well...yeah..
so best movie this year so far was Almost Alice just yesterday evening. Loved the cat and the druggie worm... it was quite hilarious, more the way I despised the cartoon by Disney...
fav song... that's a good question actually.. liked the Danny Elfmann OST for Alice quite so....and started to warm up to Lady Gaga as well...
fav book... I don't know if I read any actual boooks this year which was not in connection with my studies... but I've read quite a number of fanfictions /as in HP, LotR, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Figure skating RPSs..../

I so wish I had more time....:S
mood: blah
music: alice's theme
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Writer's Block: World's best snack!  
11:50am 16/02/2010
What are your all-time favorite snacks? Do you have different snacks for different activities (such as chips at work/school; Cheetohs during deadlines, or popcorn during movies/gaming)? How often does your taste in snacks change?

it really depends on my moods...
my all-time favourite is "tócsni" a hungarian food made of potatoe, onion, with lots of pepper and other thingies in genenral, but you can put just about anything in them if you want...
but in school I usually have some cheesy chips, rarely if my mood indicates some sweet stuff.
location: Budapest
mood: bored
music: john barrowman:you'll think of me
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Music musing....  
08:57pm 06/02/2010
I just found John Barrowman's Music, music, music on minerva (dot) net, and I realized again just how much I love that guy...
I'm listening through the cd at the moment...I haven't been listening his singing in the last 3-4 months, and I forgot how much his vehemence in his performances affected me...After two songs I am very close to crying and they are not even sad songs...
So, anyway, I love the album so far...:D

I found some Lara Fabian as well...and I'm really curious as I heard a few songs and I know her name, but nothing more...I will have a really nice and long night with lots of singing and music listening- if my roommates are still out somewhere tonight as well...
I definitely hope so...

On aggravated note: I really want to see Nine, but I am only able to indulge myself limitedly on youtube, as online movies are luxuries in a a student hostel, just as torrent, and I just cannot afford myself to go to a multiplex...and it's not even fun going alone...
I started downloading Fame in parts, so that's I can have fun with at the moment...
location: Budapest
music: John Barrowman: You'll think of me
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Spring Awakening weekend, and my sweeeeeet brother  
09:49pm 01/02/2010
I know I'm crazy but I spent the whole weekend on SA shows.

It was the January block, and we went on Friday evening with Bea's school(and I managed to talk my brother!!! into coming and watching it)
Some facts of him to signal the actual worth of this theatre-visit:
He is 16, a total teenager, computer-geek, and thinks me a crazy idiot for spending so much money on theatre. He never was interested in arts let alone theatre. I got him the ticket for Xmas...-I don't need to say that he wasn't overly joyous about it...-He doesn't like anything connected to homosexual people, and we all know about that ominous scene in act two....(his reaction was a slight blush and not the "OMG this is gross" ehich I anticipated...
Anyway we came by bus, and the teacher who always manages theatre things(=IT teacher in the school, coolest woman ever) tells a few things of the plays we come to see... Steph was like " I'm not interested, it's so boring, pls just stop talking...etc". Then after the first act he said "okay you were right, and I'm 100% in love with the play"-okay well maybe not these exact words, but it was among these lines. Then after the curtain call before we parted we hugged and he said "You were totally right! it's awesome! Will you get me more tickets later on???"
I was like OMG I will start crying any second now...

On Saturday I brought Bea to the Pető for her aptitude test,as she's contemplating to study to become a conductor too.
She was plannig to go home as their parents didn't let her to stay for the Sunday SA, which we planned to go as there was the slightest possibility that Dávid might play...but as the weather was a bit unpredictable she was ordered to go home on Saturday.
However-who is the BFF?- I called her Mum telling that everything was okay, but we don"t know when she'll finish with the tests, and she missed the train already I'm not letting her to go home in the evening, so she'll only go home on Sund morning....
So we could get to SA in the afternoon and we had a blast...Then we got down to some serious Szabó Dávid watching....:P

I was contemplating what to do with the tickets for Sunday evening, then I decided that I don't know when will I be able to go next time-considering the new semester, work, and everything...I decided to watch it in the end.
I met a few friends in the audience, then we stayed for the after talk...
It was very family-like as there were the five of us from the audience, and Angler Balázs, Simon Bogi, the director and the assistant director.
location: Budapest
mood: lethargic
music: tavaszébredés: Zord tél
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csoportban...meg havas januári esték....:)  
04:10pm 18/01/2010
szóval, most magyarul mert túl lusta vagyok az angolhoz.

Bent voltam ma egész nap a csoportban és valami brutál, hogy mennyire leamortizálják az embert,ha hagyja magát.
Mivel szakad a hó tegnap óta, valami csodaszép volt az udvar egészen addig míg ki nem mentünk a gyerekekkel. Gondoltátok volna, hogy három hét éves kisfiú, akik közül az egyik mozgássérült, 15 perc alatt úgy megfuttat, hogy a tüdődet majd kiköpi az ember. Valami fantasztikus mennyi energia szorult beléjük. Mondjuk adtam némelyiknek rendesen, pedig én nem akartam pont olyan jól célozni,na... Ha célzok akkor soha nem találom őket el, ha meg csak vaktában, akkor valahogy mindig sapka és arctájékon kapja őket.... Nem értem...
Remélte, ettől jól lefáradnak és utána lehet majd velük mesét nézni, de nagyon nem voltak fáradtak...:D Ennek ellenére megnéztük a Shreket, míg a konduktorok elmentek félévi jegyeket megbeszélni. Ottmaradtunk Zitával és annyira jól viselkedtek a gyerekek, végig lehetett nézni az egészet, a fiúk csendben legoztak, aztán a mese felénél csak leültek ők is, aztán benne lettek volna a 3. részben is, de azt sajna már nem indította el a lejátszó.
A Szépség és a Szörnyeteget meg valamilyen oknál fogva nem akarták megnézni. Nem is értem miért nem köti le az a sztori a 6-8 éves kisfiúkat....:P

El kéne menni teáért, bár talán kicsit le kéne állni vele így a vizsgák után, mert kicsit több miint egy hét alatt megittal vagy 40 filtert, ami magamhoz képest is durva...de legalább közben nem kávéztam...büszke lehetsz rám anyu...khmmm mármint Bejám drága....
Mindenesetre Timi megy csontkovácshoz és felajánlotta, hogy hoz nekem visszafelé ha nem felejti el...kíváncsi leszek...

Most hívott az oktatóm, hogy úgy igyekezzek haza, hogy péntek szombat hétfőn vezetünk, kedden meg vizsga... ja mondom jó... nyáron nem lehetett volna tempózni, amikor még totál friss volt az anyag? Úgy nézni ki muszály leszek hazalépni és kihagyni a táncot csütörtökön, hogy ne este tízre essek haza... Mindenesetre abban reménykedem, hogy nem fog lefagyni a sok cucc, ami most a hétvégén lehullott. Habár egész hétre ilyen időt mond....

Közben most aktívan debate-elek saját magammal, hogy fel merjem-e rakni életem első viszonylag használható RPS-ét... vagy túl sok ember akadna ki rajta....

Megittam a kávém, need a refill, szóval dobbantok...
location: Budapest
mood: contemplative
music: Pirgel Dávid & Szabó Dávid: Vágyom rád
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weekend stuff  
11:45pm 17/01/2010
First of all,
Finally!!!!! that .&@@>#@#&@#&#&...>@>#@>#@ BKV decided to suspend their strike which had been going on the whole week, so maybe after many hours of walking to get to my exams I'll be able to travel by tram and buses...who knows how long...
I had enough as yesterday tram #6 wasn't even working and it was crucial, I got home in 1,5 hrs from Nagymező utca, which shoud be 30 mins by bus. I caught a cold, I was sleeping thw whole day and drank a hecto of tea with lots of honey which I hate in any forms...So ...
Dearest BKV,
go to &@>&@>&@>@#>#>&&#&&&@&{{! And then >&@>@>&@#&@&#&#. Most Hungarian people has financial problems you're not alone, and it's disgusting what you are doing.

Okay I'm stopping now...

/not as long as detailed as Valancy's-but thats all Ican come up with being sick and tired/

Yesterday we went to see the Romeo és Júlia in the Operettszínház... It was the first time I saw it live, and I decided that we were lucky with the cast, but I could live without Dolhai taking off his clothes...brrr...
Anyway, the show was great, I decided that I don't despise Vágó Zsuzsi anymore that much...as she improved a lot. Until this time all the times I heard her I compared her singing to shouting but now she is actually quite good, but I am still more fan of Vágó Detti.
We had Füredi Niki and Baranyai Annamari for Capuletné and Montague-né, they were lovely, but I think the two origi makes the hate between them more believable.
MÁZS was great for Benvolio, I almost cried during Hogy mondjam el? and they had a blast with Mercutio A.K.A. Szabó Dávid /well until he dies...
I really liked Dávid's acting I believed him and he died really beautifully-yeah i know I'm weird but I think it's a great work to die in a believable way. He is a bit sick, and had trouble with one or two notes but overall he still was very good. And I was afraid that he will fall apart during some of the dances...;P
We were lucky enought to get Szabó P. as Tybalt and I died from his acting I love that man really...
And we had Homonnay for Paris instead of Egyházi Géza...I was really curious for Géza's acting, but wasn't really disappointed with Zsolt as they had a blast with Szilveszter during the ball scene. I just love the innuendo...:D
I didn't really like Imre Sebi's Escalus, he was anything but a prince...
And we found some youngsters in the ensemble: Kocsis Dénes, Angler Balázs and Réder Nóra. All PBS students and favourites from Spring awakening
And I missed Pirgel Dávid very much....


I hope all of you are alright.
Take care,

Oh and I almost forgot!!!! I got a 3 for my theory of education written exam, which I was almost certain I failed!!!Good for me...
And yay! it's snowing again!!!
location: Budapest
mood: weird
music: Romeo és Júlia: A bál 1.
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